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Eduardo Ramon

Can you introduce yourself in a few words…
I am Eduardo Ramón, a mexican illustrator and designer living in Mexico City. I work mainly for magazines, books and brands, doing collage illustrations and branding.

How would you describe your creative universe ?
I believe I am fascinated by the thin line between reality and fantasy. Taking things out of their context and creating new ones, sometimes without any sense at all but simulating as if random and surreal actions are part of our reality. Playing with the idea that nature is not as predictable and straightforward as we might think.

Where does your inspiration come from ?
Everyday objects and actions in surreal contexts are the things I like to play with in my work. I love exploring the city and discovering new places, maybe a forgotten drawing in a wall, a random phrase on a street poster. I’m drawn to old and vintage objects, coming from a reality that no longer exists. Retro-futurism. And specially music, which is the thing that make up most of my mental images and references.

What is the project you dream of making happen?
I’ve always wanted to do gig posters for music bands and album covers. That would be my dream job. 

What are you working on right now ?
I’m working on a series of wine labels based on the five elements and the tarot. Also I’m doing some illustrations for a restaurant and a bar, based on the idea of bringing the spirit of the homeland to the adoptive land.

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