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Can you introduce yourself in a few words…
My Artist name is Pref. I was born and raised in North West London in the UK. I grew up doing graffiti, then worked professionally as an art director and graphic designer within the fashion industry. Now I work full time as an artist as Pref making outdoor murals, and indoor studio work.

How would you describe your creative universe ?
I am primarily interested in finding and exploring new ways to use and communicate with words and letters.

Where does your inspiration come from ?
My inspiration mainly comes from the prospect of being able to create new and original ideas and imagery with something like typography which is steeped in history, rules and tradition.

I also love language and the way we use words. My sense of humour is very much based on word play and the twisting of meanings of words – something which very much carries over in to my artwork

What is the project you dream of making happen ?
My dream project would be to create a giant sculpture to be placed permanently in a public place.

What are you working on right now ?
Currently I am working on paintings for various shows, as well as a big exhibition opening in august for the collective I run with @garystranger called Typograffic Circle.


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